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Returns & exchanges

Still not satisfied?

No problem, you can return the product within 14 days. This is not necessary for a reason, but it will help us improve our online store. It would be nice if you return the product in the packaging in which we sent it. This packaging offers sufficient protection for our products and ensures that the product is returned in the same condition as you received it. Make sure you return the product in its original condition, so unused and without damage.
Please note the following:

1) For returning the order, the return costs are for your own account. In certain cases (equivalent product, including same price category) if you want to exchange the product, we will pay the return shipping costs! (please report this here for more information and in certain cases you will receive a shipping label)
2) Send the product back in its original condition and unused without damage, otherwise we are unfortunately forced to pass on any depreciation.
3) We will transfer the amount within 3 days after we have received the product, including any shipping costs paid
4) You may use the enclosed return form
5) Register the return via with name and order number, this will benefit the smooth handling of your return, including the refund
6) Any specially personalized products, unfortunately we cannot take back products ordered especially for you

Return address
Send your product back properly packaged with the return form with order number to the address below:
Attn Returns
Master Kunstweg 53
7671 ED Vriezenveen
The Netherlands

Important to know:

a) Always send the return product in proper packaging, preferably original packaging, and complete.
b) Always provide the package with the email you have sent to or/and the completed return form with at least the order number and name.
c) Send the return within 14 days after you have made the return notification.

As soon as we have received the return in good order, we will transfer the amount within 3 days. 

Customer service

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