Suizan Japanese flush-cut saw Kugihiki 120

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Suizan Japanese saw Kugihiki flush-cut from the manufacturer Suizan. With more than 100 years of experience and manufactures from top quality Japanese steel. Kugihiki, precision flush-cut saw, light and efficient. A perfect cut with less force. Perfect to use as a dowel saw or on smaller workpieces. The Japanese saw is known for its tight cuts due to the pulling movement. European variants have the less precise pushing motion.

These Japanese saws cannot be compared with the European variants. Once you get used to the Japanese saw, you won't want to go back.
Suizan more than 100 years of experience. you feel that you see

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Weight 0,054 kg
Dimensions 65x15x15 cm
Total length

270 mm

Blade length

120 mm

Sheet thickness

0,3 mm

Saw cut

0,3 mm

TPI (teeth per inch)


Peter van Duyn
Peter van Duyn
verified ownerverified owner

A fine sharp saw with an ultra thin edge

1 month ago

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